Date: 3 July 2018, Category: Tech news

The art of making things from a piece of paper is known as Origami. People make these paper items for decorative purposes like for making toys, or for the love of a hobby.

One popular toy that is made of folding paper is the paper airplane. Almost every child loves it and has flown one. Kids do their best to learn how to make a paper airplane jet that they can be proud.

Folding a piece of paper to make it into a paper aircraft is known as the Nakamura Lock. When the paper is folded following a few steps, one can come up with an object that looks like an airliner. The thing can fly high and far if you have done the lock properly.

For many, Origami has become a hobby. Children who love flying objects continue to enjoy the activity until their adulthood.

Aside from having fun at making paper airplanes and flying them, there are other important things that one can learn from it.

  1. 1. Be patient.

If you are one of those kids whose early years were dedicated to making the fastest paper jet, then you understand why you were able to master the virtue of patience. Every paper airliner that you make has to undergo testing and improvement. Even if you follow the instructions diligently, this does not mean that you will have a perfect output.

A slight imbalance between the two wings or the body and the tail can affect the way the toy flies. Chances are, you have to test your plane several times and fix every little defect before it can fly long and fast.

The secret of making the fastest and the longest flying paper airplane is making a lot of them. Although you followed the same instruction, there will always be a slight difference in the way the folds are made.

During trial flights, you can discard the ones that cannot fly and focus on those that can. Make some tweaks here and there and you will find two or more perfect ones.

  1. 2. Commit yourself.

Put your all to whatever you want to do. Making a paper aircraft looks easy. But, the truth is, you have to spend a lot of time on it. You cannot expect yourself to make a perfect one in a single try. The best thing to do is to try again and again until you succeed. You have to take note of the smallest details that will help you come up with a speedy paper plane.

Committed people do not give up easily. They will keep on pursuing their dream until it becomes a reality. Like achieving your goal of making the perfect paper airliner, your other dreams in life deserve the same dedication. Develop this trait, and you will succeed in other endeavors.

  1. 3. Test and improve

When making your paper airplane, take time to try your ideas. You can make several designs. Be ready with a timer when testing them so that you can see which one can fly for a long distance.

You can also read some tips on how to make your paper airplane perform better. You can bend the tails or make it longer. You can make one with a pointed nose and another with a blunt nose. There are varied patterns that you can find on the internet.

After testing, recording, and analyzing, you will be able to find the pattern for long and fast flights.

If you think about business, it is also a matter of experimenting with the best marketing strategy to use, the best brands to sell, and the best pricing. Once one fails, you take another option until your business becomes a success.

  1. 4. Narrow line between failure and success

In paper jet making, there can be a small difference between failure and success. Why? It might take only a few tweaks for a paper jet that cannot fly to soar high. The reason why this can happen is that fixing a single fold or improving the balance can make a big difference.

The same is true in real life situations. A failing business might need just a small adjustment to take off. When everything is working fine, do not sit back and relax. Review what you have done to see if there is still room for improvement. Ask for feedback and make the necessary adjustments to make everything work better.


  1. 5. Overcome failures

In making the best performing paper airplane, you will fail a lot of times. You can make 20 to 50 of them before you can find one or two that will work properly. The point is that you must never give up. Just keep on trying, testing, improving, trying, and testing again until you come up with one that can consider a success.

This applies to real life as well. A person who cannot accept failure will never succeed in life because he will never try again.

The secret of overcoming failures is trying once again. Turn your failures into success by trying and making some adjustments until everything falls into place. Once you have done this, success will come your way.

  1. 6. Have fun.

What we are doing might be difficult, but if you have fun doing it, it becomes effortless. Hobbyists who engage in making paper jets love what they do. They consider it their way to relax.

The same applies to real life. When you have fun doing something, it becomes effortless. Before you know it, you have already accomplished a lot, and yet, you do not feel exhausted at all.

  1. 7. The idea will take flight.

If you keep on trying, your perseverance will eventually bear fruit. You will realize that after several trials and failure, you have succeeded in learning how to make a paper airplane easy fast cool.

Making paper jet planes can be just a hobby but, when you pursue it with commitment, it will teach you a lot of things that can make you succeed in life.