Experience the Future of Cherishing Memories

Date: 26 Nov 2018, Category: Technology

Gift giving is a hard but fulfilling task. You gift someone an item that they will like. But there is more to it than that. Is that item valuable to them? Does it have personal meaning? Do they have it already? Is it unique to you as a giver and them as a receiver? These are the questions that a caring person asks when they get a gift. So why not get a gift that addresses all of those with a 32 inch digital photo frame?

See Your Memories Clearer than Ever

The digital photo frame is the future of looking back to the past. It’s a device that allows you to display digital images and even videos on a screen. Today, almost every camera is digital and in high definition (HD). So, old time photo albums with small 3x5 inch photos are a bit outdated. Yes, they are great for physical copies. But you can't get the full detail of your pictures in such a small photograph. Also, imagine the costs of printing HD pictures these days.

A 32-inch digital photo frame is the perfect fit for sharing those significant family memories from dinners to family reunions, a big screen like this is ideal for sharing your big family events. Plus, with the standard 1080p display screen, you know that not even the smallest cousin is going to look blurry in the picture as long as they can stand still.

With how big the display is, your HD photos and memories are not just in full view. They are also displayed in great detail, thanks to the LED backlit screen. You can even set the photos to show up in a specific time pattern to give you and your family enough time to reminisce before moving to the next picture.

Go Beyond Pictures on your 32-inch Digital Photo Frame

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but why settle for a thousand? With this great device, you can even share videos for those moments that words cannot even begin to describe. With its size, you can fully utilize videos with a 1920x1080 resolution. This device can support a number of video formats including the favorite .mp4 and .avi extensions.

To input your images and videos into you 32-inch digital photo frame is easy. All you need to do is to insert the USB flash drive that has them. From there the device has a user-friendly interface that allows you to set the timer for the photos to be displayed. The same goes for the videos, you can just group them and they will show up as you programmed them.

Do More Than Share your Memories

The 32-inch digital photo frame is a unique device. As good as it is for sharing memories, it’s also great for advertising. You can display any number of advertisements for however long with this device. You can even set background music to help set the ambiance of whatever it is you’re showing. If you need more context, there is a feature to have scrolling text at the bottom of the page.

With the timer feature, you can also be more practical with how you display ads. You can set the frame to turn on and do the display through the user interface. To help give it a more live and authentic feel, it even has spot announcements. Set these announcements for during or after the displayed content. To add to that, this device is pretty durable thanks to the metal case with a security locker.

Should you get a 32-inch Digital Photo Frame?

If you’re looking for an exciting and new way to impress your family during the next Thanksgiving, then this is the way to go. This big device is a perfect centerpiece or highlight for you and your loved ones to look back at your precious memories. This is the kind of gift you don’t just give to one person. You can share it with a specific family, or you can share it with your whole family. The cool thing about it is you can reuse it many times. With every reunion, switch up the memories, or maybe add more. You can also choose this as your next advertising strategy. Either way, this is a functional device that is worth checking out.